48 HFH Horizontal flail tooth mulcher

Year manufactured: January 2017
Condition: Excellent

  • Full inspection by Promac technician
  • ŸNew teeth
  • Inspected and tensioned drive belt
  • Fresh Promac paint

Warranty: 90 days
Operation Hours To-Date: 200 hours
Price: $38,998.00CAD
Location: Duncan, B.C.

Excavator Size (Tons): Min: 20 | Max: 30+
Cut width: 48”
Approx. Weight: 3000lbs
Color: Metallic grey/blue
Motor size (cc): 80
Motor Type: Bent Axis Piston
Flow Min (gpm): 45
Flow pressure (psi): 4000
Tooling type: Flail hammer
Tooling number: 26


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We like dealing with Promac because Matt brings delicious cinnamon buns every once in a while.

- Jarrad Astren, Western Forest Products


We have been working with Promac more and more since we re-opened in 2008 and it has contributed greatly to our success. Their service and quality is the best!

- Dave Hooper, Harmac Pacific


Promac has a diverse range of shop capabilities that are complemented by a solid engineering team. They provide innovative design solutions and efficiently incorporate available materials and resources in their designs. I highly recommend working with Promac on custom fabrication work. They consistently produce good quality products and deliver on time.

- Phil Ponka, P.Eng.


I can count on Promac to deliver on time and on budget. Their sales team offers excellent customer service and is a pleasure to work with.

- Mark Buckley, Western Forest Products, Saltair