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We help industry run better, faster and safer.

Every day, we work to add value and solve problems for industry. Our goal is to offer innovation and exceptional service that decreases downtime and improves operational efficiency. We invest in the latest and best equipment, hire and train highly skilled staff and create a healthy and safe work environment that encourages creativity and initiative. For over 45 years, we’ve kept growing, learning and diversifying our business, and we never intend to stop.

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Ask our customers:



We like dealing with Promac because Matt brings delicious cinnamon buns every once in a while.

- Jarrad Astren, Western Forest Products


We have been working with Promac more and more since we re-opened in 2008 and it has contributed greatly to our success. Their service and quality is the best!

- Dave Hooper, Harmac Pacific


Promac has a diverse range of shop capabilities that are complemented by a solid engineering team. They provide innovative design solutions and efficiently incorporate available materials and resources in their designs. I highly recommend working with Promac on custom fabrication work. They consistently produce good quality products and deliver on time.

- Phil Ponka, P.Eng.


I can count on Promac to deliver on time and on budget. Their sales team offers excellent customer service and is a pleasure to work with.

- Mark Buckley, Western Forest Products, Saltair