Promac Excavator Attachments

The pioneers in brush cutter and mulcher excavator attachments, now in use for over 30 years in the rugged terrain of Canada’s West Coast

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  1. Excavator attachments

Promac has the right excavator attachment for every application

Promac’s renowned production grade, heavy duty, excavator attachments are custom-made in our manufacturing facility in British Columbia, and shipped worldwide. We bring over 40 years of industry manufacturing experience, and a culture of continuous innovation to every single product. Whatever the size and scope of your job, we have the right attachment to get the work done safely, quickly and efficiently — and the parts and know-how to keep your machines running.

Brush Mulcher Series

Promac’s engineering team has collaborated extensively with a wide range of customers to develop and test a line of excavator mounted mulchers suited to the most rigorous applications and rugged environments. Our unique designs deliver superior productivity, durability and safety. Each unit has customization options and add-ons. We fully support our customers with quality parts to keep the machines running, and with our renowned Promac warranty, service and support.

Promac LDM
High Production Mulcher

Light on weight but heavy on performance and durability.

Promac HDM
Heavy Duty Mulcher

The standard in fixed tooth mulchers.

Promac HDF
Heavy Duty Flail Mulcher

Durable and reliable performance.


Brush Mulcher Features

  • Heavy-duty structural frame construction of a fully welded plate, rated for use as a pusher pad
  • Wear-resistant drum liner constructed of QT100 plate
  • Promac-designed and precision-manufactured components, including tooling, rotor, bearing housings, shaft and drive system
  • Low maintenance cogged poly belt drive with roller tensioner
  • Forward exposed rotor effective for cutting into standing trees without the need for a hinged tilter
  • Engineering and design services to customize mulcher drive ratios that match our customer’s auxiliary hydraulic flow in order to attain the desired rotor operating speeds
  • Available custom-designed mounting bracket to match our customer’s excavator
  • Multiple cut widths, motor, tooling, rotor style and wear guarding options to suit the application

Brush Cutter Series

Down and dirty, pristine and neat, or somewhere in-between we will help guide you to the highest performance possible through two distinct model sizes and multiple disc and tooling options. Our flexible, isolated direct drive system allows for maximum power output while retaining the durability to out last the rest in the harshest of environments. Designed for 15 – 30+ ton excavators with minimum flows of 32 and 42gpm powering high efficiency bent axis piston motors.

Promac R-Series
High Production Brush Cutters

Promac R Series Rotary Disk Brush Cutters are the fastest most versatile excavator attachments in existence. Designed and manufactured on the rugged west coast of Canada quality craftsmanship ensures survivability and success in every environment. Let us guide you to the best tool for the job by finding the right options for your application.


Brush Cutter Features

  • Industry proven hydraulic motor
  • Unparalleled drivetrain with our ‘forestry-rated’ bearing assembly made of high strength alloy
    steel components
  • Integrated rear debris shield protects operator
  • Fully removable inlet chute collects and retains material
  • Anvil option for enhanced top mulching functionality
  • Customization to suit your machine: pin type or quick-change brackets