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Every Promac product is supported with quality parts, dedicated service and fast turnaround.  We engineer, manufacture and test every component to ensure it meets Promac’s rigorous quality, durability and safety standards. Plus, we continually improve the performance of everything we build, and those improvements are carried over to our parts and accessories. You can depend on Promac for everything you need when you need it, to ensure your equipment is running at its best. If your equipment needs a replacement part, please contact one of our sales reps.

RSM Carbide-tipped Mulching Bit
RSM + HDM Quad Tooth
Three Blade Disc
RHP Heavy Duty Bullet Bit
RHP Quad Tooth
RHP Standard Upper Bullet Bit
RHP Outer Cutting Knife
HDF Heavy Duty Flail Tooth
RSM + HDM Carbide Tooth
LDM/HDM series Chipper Tooth
RHP Optional Lower Cup Bit