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Promac R Series High Production Brush Cutters

Promac R Series Rotary Disk Brush Cutters are the fastest most versatile excavator attachments in existence. Designed and manufactured on the rugged west coast of Canada quality craftsmanship ensures survivability and success in every environment. Let us guide you to the best tool for the job by finding the right options for your application.

Promac R Series Rotary Disk Brush Cutter

Down and dirty, pristine and neat, or somewhere in-between we will help guide you to the highest performance possible through two distinct model sizes and multiple disc and tooling options. Our flexible, isolated direct drive system allows for maximum power output while retaining the durability to out last the rest in the harshest of environments. Designed for 15 – 30+ ton excavators with minimum flows of 32 and 42gpm powering high efficiency bent axis piston motors.

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Product specifications for Promac R Series Heavy Duty Skid Steer Mulcher

  R 36 R 52
Excavator Size (Tons) 15 – 20 20 – 30+
Cut Width 36″ 52″
Approx. Weight 2300 lbs 3000 lbs
Motor Size 80cc 107cc
Motor Type Bent Axis Piston Bent Axis Piston
Flow, min 32 42
Pressure, min 4000 4000
RPM, max 1800 1800

Disc Options

General Purpose (GP)

Specifically designed to get material on the ground as fast as possible without a care for looking pretty this disc is for those looking for the classic ‘Hack n Slash’. Right of way clearing, speed projects or previously cleared maintenance is where this option excels at lowering both operational costs and time spent.

Super Mulcher (SM)

When “finish critical” jobs come your way this disc will get the job done and then some. Utilizing aspects of stump grinding this option is a completely bolted experience. No welding on the disc allows for easy tool and holder changes in the field. Smaller chips means less and a more controllable debris.

Extreme Mulcher (XM)

For those looking for maximum performance in all applications or love to tune their machines to the job this one is it. Through multiple tooth options and or a factory top mulching configuration this option allows for blending both speed and mulching capabilities to fit your needs.

Standard features at a glance

Industry proven hydraulic motors
  • High efficiency bent axis piston motors
  • Available variable displacement motor reduces recovery times and increases torque when you need it most
Unparalleled drivetrain

The heart of all Promac rotary brushcutters is our ‘forestry-rated’ bearing assembly:

  • High strength alloy steel components throughout
  • Elastomeric isolation coupler to reduce shock to the drive motor
  • Dual, high capacity spherical roller bearings
  • Built for production
Integrated rear debris shield
  • For enhanced operator protection
  • Right hand door allows more access to the disk versus competitors single opening
Inlet Chute
  • Collects and retains material
  • Fully removable
  • Best used in combination with optional anvil
Anvil option
  • Enhanced top mulching functionality
  • Requires XM disc
  • Best used with Inlet Chute installed
Customization to suit your machine
  • Pin type or quick-change brackets

We know the extreme conditions you work in. That’s why we use high strength steel alloys throughout our manufacturing. We strive to use the strongest materials available to ensure your equipment and tools can be depended on every single day.

The perfect match

Not sure if the Promac R Series will fit your machine? Give us a call at 1-833-577-1847 or shoot us an email and one of our reps will gladly help you.

  • 15 – 30+ ton excavators
  • 32 or 42 minimum gpm @ 4000psi